Myryn Elizabeth Clark lives northeast of Dallas, Texas with her husband, five dogs, and eight cats.

It can be said that they rescued each other. She is an artist and writer, they are her support.
Her passion is creativity and learning how to heed red flags that pop up to warn her of trouble ahead.

It is hard for her to say that she is more artist than writer or more writer than artist.  She is a creative.


Myryn Elizabeth Clark
Myryn is a self-taught artist, who went back to college to finish her degree several years ago receiving her Bachelor’s degree in General Studies with concentrations in fine art and English with honors.  She continued her education completing her Master’s at Southern New Hampshire University in Writing Creative Non-fiction this past January.

She loves the act of creation as much as she loves others viewing her work in whatever form it takes. She hopes you linger a while and see if anything speaks to you.

Some paintings may be for sale.  Most of them posted on this website have been sold. The New Year 2014 will bring new works of art, so check back often.  If she has opportunities to show her work publicly, she’ll keep you posted.  Send her an email or message or post a comment on Facebook if you are interested in obtaining her art for your own.

Copyright 2013, Myryn Elizabeth Clark.
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